• Research Areas

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    Culture and Health

    Given the import of culture to health behavior, Dr. Abrams' research focuses on understanding cultural beliefs and practices that influence health related decision-making and outcomes. She initiates and collaborates on studies to highlight the salience of intersectional identities and illuminate the influence of such factors on health.

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    Sexual Health Promotion

    As culture also influences sexual health, Dr. Abrams' work in this area has focused on understanding the influence of culture on women’s sexual risk behaviors and using this information to promote sexual health by developing and adapting culturally relevant programming for this women - especially among women of African ancestry.

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    Maternal and Reproductive Health

    In this area, Dr. Abrams' research identifies psychosociocultural and systemic factors that influence reproductive and maternal health outcomes in order to develop and implement strategies to prevent adverse outcomes and disparities. Ongoing projects in this area include: 1) a mixed methods intervention study aimed at reducing HIV and class related stigma among maternal healthcare providers in Haiti, 2) a qualitative study focused on identifying facilitators and barriers to participation of individuals who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in sexual health and fertility research, and 3) two mixed methods studies examining implementation of reproductive and maternal health promotion interventions.

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    Global Health

    Dr. Abrams' science extends globally to include quantitative research in Ghana, community based and engaged research in South Africa and Brazil, and program development projects in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. As an international researcher, she collaborates with health services organizations, community members, and scientists on studies examining health service utilization, culturally relevant health beliefs, and intervention implementation.

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    Visit Dr. Abrams' Google Scholar profile for more detailed information about her research or download an abbreviated version of her Curriculum Vitae for a quick summary of her expertise.