• “Knowledge isn’t Power Until it is Applied.”

    Dale Carnegie

  • Instructional Portfolio


    Dr. Abrams' professional experiences as a collegiate and community educator have shaped her teaching philosophy and pedagogical approach to offer students a learning environment that inspires introspection, critical thinking, social consciousness, and professionalism. She employs multi-modal teaching strategies to accomplish these teaching objectives among students with diverse learning styles.

    Research Methods

    Undergraduate Course

    Health Equity and Social Justice

    Graduate Course

    Health Psychology

    Undergraduate Course

    Stress & Its Management

    Undergraduate Course

    International Consulting

    Graduate Course

    Primary Prevention

    Graduate Course

    Grant Writing

    Graduate Course

    Qualitative Methods

    Graduate Course

  • Course Reviews

    What Students are Saying about Their Experiences with Dr. Abrams

    Investing Time and Attention

    “I really appreciate the time and attention you gave to our Research Methods course! I know that there is no way I could have been prepared for the research experiences without the knowledge acquired [from] that class."

    Teaching from Real World Experiences

    "Abrams was probably one of the nicest and most accommodating profs I've had at UMBC. She... pulled examples from her own research exp and .. I learned things about psych research I otherwise wouldn't have known by just learning content from the textbook."

    Infectious Personality

    "Professor Abrams is amazing. It was a group version of 311 she still lectured each unit for you to properly understand the course material. Her personality is infectious and makes you want to smile. Extremely sweet, caring, and wants everyone to do well."